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About The Fermilab Scuba Club:

The Fermilab Scuba Club is open to all employees who are interested in group diving activities. In order to participate in diving activities, certification from a recognized organization such as PADI, NAUI, or equivalent is required. Non-divers are always welcome to join our meetings and outings. The club can provide diver training assistance for both introductory and continuing education. 

Diving is a very safe sport, but to participate in diving activities, you MUST be certified to dive, know how your dive gear works, and know how to dive within your limits.   In fact, reputable dive operators will not even consider letting you go on their dives or rent their tanks or gear without proper certification!   Dive safety is taken very seriously by all responsible divers and dive operators.  There is no fee for membership in the club.


The Fermilab Scuba Club organizes dive trips for members for the entire club for both divers and non-divers, and members can arrange their own trips with other members.    

Upcoming Meetings

Hi everyone and welcome to the 16 new club members who joined during the Employee Club & Athletic League Fair!

Just a reminder that our next club meeting is Tuesday 4/23 at the users center music room.


Hope to see you there,

Dave Capista

Upcoming Trips:



Top 10 Benefits of Membership:

10.   Share your exciting diving tales with other Fermilab employees,

  9.   Learn about good deals on dive equipment and what other members recommend,

  8.   Fill up your dive logbook pages,

  7.   Learn about where other divers have gone on dive trips and get their recommendations,

  6.   Swim with the fishes in their native habitat and experience the wondrous diversity of our world underwater,

  5.   Go to exotic far off places and experience different places, cultures, and meet new people,

  4.   Go to local dive sites with your fellow Fermilab divers,

  3.   Go diving with a fun group of people who share your passion for diving,

  2.   Group rates on dive trips and save money,

  1.   Exchange knowing glances with other divers as you pass in Fermilab hallways and at meetings.


General FAQs About Diving:

1.   Is diving safe?  http://www.diversalertnetwork.org/medical/articles/DANs_Diving_Tips_for_the_New_Diver

2.   What is PADI?  http://www.padi.com/scuba/default.aspx

3.   What is PADI certification?  http://www.padi.com/scuba/scuba-diving-guide/start-scuba-diving/scuba-certification-faq/default.aspx

4.    What is NAUI?  http://www.naui.org/faq.aspx


Club Officers:

Dave Capista, President and Trip organizer



Gary Lauten,  Fermilab Scuba Club Webpage Manager